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Easter in Iceland – lemon skyr tart

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Easter longer than Christmas? Have a look how people celebrate Easter in Iceland. And for all foodies a real treat – recipe for Icelandic lemon skyr tart.

East­er longer than Christ­mas? Why not? In Ice­land East­er is called Páskar and it is cel­e­brat­ed for five days. Have a look how peo­ple spend this spe­cial time of the year far away in the North.

Relaxed celebration

First of all, East­er in Ice­land is full of fun and relax­ing ease of man­ner. There is no option of sit­ting at the table in an ele­gant shirt with a tie. Due to the fact that the cel­e­bra­tion stretch­es for five days, Ice­landers treat East­er as a great time to get around. Those most tired of unbear­able and def­i­nite­ly too long win­ter pack their suit­cas­es and trav­el to warmer and more sun­ny coun­tries. How­ev­er, the biggest group of Ice­landers trav­els not abroad but across the island, vis­it­ing fam­i­ly mem­bers and friends. Many of them also come around the pop­u­lar and beloved music fes­ti­val in the cap­i­tal of the West Fjords, Ísafjörður, called ‘Aldrei fór ég suður’. If the weath­er is good (or like usu­al­ly in Ice­land, if it’s quite good), Ice­landers love to take long strolls and ride their hors­es. Apart from that, they eager­ly bar­beque, but often they are forced to con­sume just pre­pared grilled del­i­ca­cies at home because of cold gusts of wind.

Ice­landers most often grill their favorite meat – lamb. End­less chit-chats with long-lost friends are often accom­pa­nied by liquors. Yup, East­er in Ice­land some­times can be a lit­tle bit boozy. In the old days, drink­ing alco­hol dur­ing Páskar was not very wel­come, what’s more on Good Fri­day and Holy Sun­day it was strict­ly for­bid­den. Nowa­days Ice­landers enjoy their free­dom and hap­pi­ly delight in high per­cent­age beverages.

‘Hot and cold’ – let’s play!

Every Ice­landic kid waits impa­tient­ly with a blush on the cheeks for East­er Sun­day (Páskadagur). This day is a real­ly great deal for all chil­dren and it pro­vides a lot of excite­ment. In the morn­ing kids start to look for sweets hid­den by their par­ents. In search for the treats, they comb all sorts of home’s nooks. We are talk­ing not about stan­dard can­dies, but extra­or­di­nary choco­late eggs called Páskaegg. This cus­tom appeared in Ice­land around 1920, how­ev­er ini­tial­ly the eggs were made from card­board and sweets only filled their inte­ri­ors. Time brought some changes and even more pleas­ant mod­i­fi­ca­tions; the eggs kept the appetis­ing inte­ri­or while gain­ing a choco­late crust. More­over, you can choose among their sizes, from small to giant. The biggest choco­late lovers have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to find even a head size Páskaegg! Well, find­ing a suit­able hide­out for it must be a big challenge.

Easter longer than Christmas? Have a look how people celebrate Easter in Iceland. And for all foodies a real treat – recipe for Icelandic lemon skyr tart.

Lemon on the rise!

Ice­landers know well how to keep the East­er bliss. Fan­tas­tic atmos­phere, tasty snacks and pas­tries. One of the most pop­u­lar cakes in Ice­land is so called skyr cake (skyr kaka), an inter­est­ing ver­sion of no-bake cheese­cake with skyr, an Ice­landic dairy prod­uct sim­i­lar to cream cheese (we’ve writ­ten about skyr before). Skyr cake is not a kind of typ­i­cal East­er cake, Ice­landers eat it all year round, but for us, it match­es per­fect­ly this occa­sion. We would like to share with you our own ver­sion of this cake, which should sat­is­fy even most demand­ing food­ies. So let’s talk about our lemon skyr tart: crispy base, extreme­ly light, creamy and melt­ing in the mouth fill­ing and in the crown, extreme­ly refresh­ing lemon curd in the com­pa­ny of blue­ber­ries. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Besides, it’s cer­tain­ly deli­cious and so tempt­ing! Hap­py East­er! Gleði­le­ga Páska!

Easter longer than Christmas? Have a look how people celebrate Easter in Iceland. And for all foodies a real treat – recipe for Icelandic lemon skyr tart.

Icelandic skyr tart

Ingredients (28 cm form):

| Base

  • 300 g diges­tive biscuits
  • 75 g melt­ed unsalt­ed butter
  • but­ter to grease the form

| Skyr/cheese mass

  • nat­ur­al skyr 350 g (you can use 250 g mas­car­pone + 1 cup Greek style yoghurt instead)
  • half cup pow­dered sugar
  • 1 lemon zest and juice
  • 1 stick vanil­la seeds
  • 1 cup 30% cream (cool)
  • 10 g gela­tine pow­der (or 3 leaves) + 50 ml water

| Lemon curd

  • 3 yolks
  • 2 lemons (juice)
  • 120 g unsalt­ed butter
  • 80 g pow­dered sugar

| Topping

  • 100 g blueberries


| Base

  1. Crush the bis­cuits in a plas­tic bag using a rolling pin. Put them into a bowl and add melt­ed butter. 

  2. Press the bis­cuit mix­ture into the base of a greased tart form.

| Skyr/cheese mass

  1. Put skyr (or mas­car­pone and Greek yoghurt), pow­dered sug­ar, vanil­la seeds, lemon juice and zest into a bowl. Using a mix­er, beat every­thing until smooth and creamy.

  2. Add 50 ml cold water to gelatin and leave it for about 10 min. Then sim­mer, stir­ring gen­tly, until gela­tine dis­solves com­plete­ly. Pre­vent it from boil­ing — gela­tine los­es its prop­er­ties when boiled. Leave it to cool. 

  3. When gela­tine is still warm, add a spoon of skyr mass and mix well, then add anoth­er spoon and mix again. Gelatin pre­pared that way add to skyr mass and mix it with a mixer.

  4. Whip cream. Add it to skyr mass and mix it with a spoon.

  5. Pour onto the pre­pared base of the cake. Cov­er with a big plate, and refrig­er­ate for a few hours.

| Lemon curd

  1. Put pow­dered sug­ar, yolks and lemon juice into a small pot. Sim­mer it, stir­ring con­stant­ly to avoid any lumps. Don’t let it overcook! 

  2. Add but­ter cut into small cubes and sim­mer until you get a smooth cream.

  3. When the lemon curd has cooled down, pour it onto the cake, refrig­er­ate overnight.

| Topping

  • Serve topped with blueberries.

Easter longer than Christmas? Have a look how people celebrate Easter in Iceland. And for all foodies a real treat – recipe for Icelandic lemon skyr tart.

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