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Paragliding in Iceland – the art of flying

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Paragliding Iceland

Paraglid­ing in Ice­land is def­i­nite­ly one of the most excit­ing activ­i­ties we have ever expe­ri­enced. The bird’s eye view on unearth­ly beau­ti­ful lava fields left us speech­less. If you have an adven­tur­ous soul, you cer­tain­ly have to give it a go!

Appetite comes with eating: how we ended up in the air

After our last adven­ture – a vis­it inside the vol­cano, we still didn’t have enough of an adren­a­line rush. Thri­h­nuk­agig­ur awak­ened a huge appetite in us. An appetite to expe­ri­ence Ice­land from a bit dif­fer­ent perspective.

When we were wan­der­ing around the mag­i­cal ter­rain which sur­rounds the vol­cano, we imag­ined how incred­i­bly it all must look from above. We knew that soon­er or lat­er we had to sat­is­fy our curios­i­ty and see how Ice­land looks from a bird’s eye view. At that time, we didn’t know that we would actu­al­ly enjoy a sim­i­lar view before long.

A few ideas for a flight were com­ing to our minds, but what was stir­ring our imag­i­na­tion most of all was a vision of paraglid­ing. We couldn’t get rid of this excit­ing idea of fly­ing freely in the air. We wouldn’t be our­selves if it all end­ed only in our imagination.

It turned out soon that our dream would come true. What’s more, we would be able to do it in our ide­al loca­tion – just over amaz­ing lava fields in the neigh­bour­hood of Thri­h­nuk­agig­ur. In short, we did not hes­i­tate even for a moment and imme­di­ate­ly decid­ed to set a flight date with Hap­py­world, a tour oper­a­tor spe­cial­iz­ing in paraglid­ing in Ice­land.

Paragliding Iceland

Paragliding in Iceland

Sky adventure ahead

We will tell you a lit­tle secret. Just before the flight, the emo­tions, of course, were run­ning high and we were a bit afraid. For­tu­nate­ly, the fear dis­solved in the air right in the moment when our legs get off the ground.

How fast we got into the sky was one of the things that sur­prised us most. Slow run and… wham! We lit­er­al­ly swirled in the air after a few sec­onds. Then the airy dream began. It is real­ly hard to describe the incred­i­ble feel­ings we had at the time. Many peo­ple have dreams of fly­ing, but few make them come true. Paraglid­ing is for us the purest way of fly­ing. There is no noisy engine, and your whole body hangs freely in the air. Not many things on this plan­et can com­pare to it. You sim­ply have to try it. And Ice­land is one of the best, if not the best place on earth for fly­ing. It is jaw-dropping!

Ice­landic land­scape from this unusu­al per­spec­tive is lit­er­al­ly stun­ning. The lava fields close to Reyk­javik are so vast that they seem to have no end. Whichev­er direc­tion you look, there is some­thing unearth­ly beau­ti­ful catch­ing your eyes.

It is incred­i­ble that from just one point we could admire so many things: lava fields cov­ered with intense green moss, intrigu­ing­ly formed moun­tains, Reyk­javik in the dis­tance, and far­ther – Snæfell­snes penin­su­la with its majes­tic vol­cano. It’s a tru­ly mag­i­cal space. We repeat­ed­ly rubbed our eyes from astonishment. 

Although the flight last­ed around fif­teen min­utes, because of our euphor­ic mood it seemed to be much longer. Land­ing was as quick and smooth as start­ing. When we began to land, it was only a short moment and we sud­den­ly walked on the ground regret­ting that it was the end of our sky adventure.

Paragliding Reykjavik

Paragliding in Reykjavik

It all looks so exciting, but…

If you start­ed to think about paraglid­ing in Ice­land, you prob­a­bly have lots of ques­tions. We will try to answer the most com­mon ones.

Is paragliding safe?

Paraglid­ing is not as risky, as many peo­ple think. Experts say that the risk is com­pa­ra­ble to dri­ving a car in a city. So it’s no more dan­ger­ous than what you are used to. If you’re still not con­vinced, remem­ber that you will fly with an expe­ri­enced and qual­i­fied instruc­tor. In addi­tion, they always have a para­chute just in case.

Is paragliding for me?

If a vision of fly­ing makes you smile, you def­i­nite­ly must try it. Many peo­ple won­der if they should take up the chal­lenge. They think that to paraglide you should be young or very fit. Some­times they are not sure if they are able to cope with their fear of height. None of these things!

First of all, you do not have to under­take any train­ing before. You just should be rea­son­ably fit. Sec­ond­ly, there is no age bar­ri­er in paraglid­ing. You can fly as long as your health allows you to take a leisure­ly run and expe­ri­ence ecsta­t­ic states.

Third­ly, even fear of heights is not an obsta­cle. I have to admit that I’m also strug­gling with it. Some time ago I was won­der­ing if I would ever go paraglid­ing because of my fear of heights. I was quite scared before the flight, but the instruc­tors from Hap­py­world cre­at­ed such a friend­ly atmos­phere that I could focus only on amaz­ing experiences.

Iceland paragliding

How to prepare for the flight? 

You don’t need to have any pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence with paraglid­ing to try it in Ice­land. You will get to know every­thing to make your flight mem­o­rable and safe before ris­ing up in the air. The Hap­py­world team, apart from being very relaxed and cheer­ful, pro­vid­ed us with a sol­id knowl­edge base.

Do not be afraid to ask them about any­thing you are curi­ous about. Ask even if you think your ques­tion will sound odd. When it comes to your clothes, put on some warm sports­wear. It’s always a lit­tle bit cold­er in the air than on the ground. Don’t for­get a cap, gloves and stur­dy shoes.

When can you try paragliding in Iceland?

You can paraglide in Ice­land all year round. Even in the win­ter con­di­tions might be very good. That said, remem­ber that weath­er in the win­ter is much more unpre­dictable than in the sum­mer and there are sim­ply few­er days when it’s pos­si­ble to go paragliding.

Paragliding in Reykjavik

Is there any risk of my flight being cancelled?

Weath­er in Ice­land even in the sum­mer can change rapid­ly. In order to go paraglid­ing a few con­di­tions have to be met. First of all, it can’t rain. Apart from that it can’t be too windy, but it can’t be still either.

Of course, it’s impos­si­ble to pre­dict the con­di­tions on the day you would like to paraglide. It can hap­pen that your flight will be can­celled. Then you can arrange a paraglid­ing adven­ture next day or some oth­er day. If there are no con­di­tions for paraglid­ing, but the weath­er is fine for a glid­er or small air­craft flight, then Hap­py­world team would be more than hap­py to take you up in the air this way.

Where can I try paragliding in Iceland?

Hap­py­world orga­nizes paraglid­ing tours in two loca­tions. We had a chance to fly on the lava fields 25 km from Reyk­javik (Bláfjöll area). If you are stay­ing in the cap­i­tal, then paraglid­ing in Reyk­javik tour is the best option for you. Apart from that, they also orga­nize paraglid­ing in Vik. In both of these places, the sur­round­ings are equal­ly spectacular.

Paragliding with Happyworld

It was a day that we will nev­er for­get. We just wish we could do it more often. Now we have no oth­er choice but to get a paraglid­ing license. If you want to add some extra bite to your trip, you have to try paraglid­ing in Iceland.

Paragliding with Happyworld

Inside the Volcano Thrihnukagigur Map

For more info on paraglid­ing in Ice­land, check­out Hap­py­world web­site.

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