Hello! I am Adam Biernat. Welcome to my Iceland travel blog – Bite of Iceland.

Adam and Marta Bite of Iceland

How we ended up in Iceland

We are a Polish couple that has dreamt about Iceland for a really long time. In the beginning, each of us individually. In the meantime, we met each other, fell in love and a lonely island far away in the north overtook our thoughts so intensely, that there was no choice. Iceland was calling, and we really had to go. But what are dreams for, anyway.

We packed our bags in the spring of 2014 and headed to the unknown. It turned out that we stayed in Iceland, not one week, not even two, but exactly six… months. During all this time we ate shark meat, traversed lava fields, escaped volcano eruption, we fought with hurricane winds and took great delight in everything Icelandic. After half a year full of adventures we came back home to our Tricity (Trojmiasto) in Poland.

But you have to remember that Iceland is famous for one thing – when it bites you, it will never let you go so easily. And we definitely got bitten – smell of tundra, singing of the whales, pitter-patter of the sheep didn’t let us forget about this charming island. Iceland put a spell on us. It hypnotises, seduces and we love to stay there, work, create, just to be because Iceland is not only a place – it’s a state of mind. One year later we returned and even though we didn’t stay there forever (just another six months, we really love our hometown), we definitely got addicted to Iceland and we can tell you for sure – we will come back to this fascinating island again and again, until the end of the world.


What you can find on Bite of Iceland

Bite of Iceland serves stories spiced with tundra herbs, tales covered in thick fog, anecdotes overheard from the elves, all in all, Icelandic delights – all of them bite-sized. Apart from that, we will teach you, among other things, how to hunt for northern lights, how to go scot-free after a meeting with a shark, how to avoid going bankrupt when travelling in Iceland – in a word you will find here a handful of tips which will transform your trip around Iceland into a once in a lifetime adventure. You can also count on loads of positive energy, that’s for sure! Drop by for new stuff every week. Come on, bite into Iceland with us!

Award-winning photographer who is fascinated by the far North. He studied architecture and history of art. In his work, he focuses on seemingly insignificant, negligible moments, objects, places. Silence intrigues him. Adam stands behind all photographs, drawings and graphic design on Bite of Iceland. He’s available for editorial and commercial commissions, especially in the fields of outdoor/adventure, lifestyle and food photography. He’s based in Iceland and Gdynia, Poland.

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