Dynjandi Waterfall – Treasure of the Westfjords

Iceland is a paradise for all those who are crazy about waterfalls. Let's meet majestic Dynjandi – a real treasure of the Westfjords.

Who doesn’t like waterfalls… Many travellers will agree that Iceland is a paradise for all those who are crazy about them. There are literally thousands of waterfalls in Iceland. Let’s meet majestic Dynjandi – a real treasure of the Westfjords.

Icon of the Westfjords

For a long time we’ve been great enthusiasts of all kinds of waterfalls. Staring at them is always far from boring. Dynjandi, sometimes also called Fjallfoss, is definitely one of our favourite waterfalls on the whole island. It’s not just a waterfall – it’s a jaw-dropping icon of the region.

The word dynjandi in Icelandic means tremendous, staggering, thunderous. By all means, it is a very appropriate name. Indeed Dynjandi mesmerises everyone, and it does it in a really strong manner. Actually you can see there not just one waterfall, but a series of waterfalls. Apart from the real star of this spot, 100 m high and unbelievably wide Dynjandi, you can admire smaller ones, but also alluring: Bæjarfoss, Hundafoss, Hrísvaðsfoss, Göngumannafoss, Strompgljúfrafoss, and Hæstajallafoss. As you can see, there is a real pleiad of waterfalls.

Seeing it from a distance, we knew immediately that it was going to be something. And with each mile it hypnotised us even stronger. When we reached our destination, we just fell silent because of the impression.

A long time ago there was a farm here. Can you imagine living in a place like this and everyday wake up with a view of the Dynjandi’s dazzling cascade? Icelanders are so lucky!

Iceland is a paradise for all those who are crazy about waterfalls. Let's meet majestic Dynjandi – a real treasure of the Westfjords.

A lullaby – night by the waterfall

We visited Dynjandi at the end of September. While driving around the enchanting fjords, we didn’t meet many tourists. When we reached the waterfall, there were only a few of them. It was an early evening, so after short time everyone left, and we were left there alone. Compared to other celeb waterfalls in Iceland, where you have to cope with unimaginable crowds, it was a real treat. Just us and nature – this is what we are always longing for.

There is a free campsite by the waterfall. This place put a spell on us, so we didn’t hesitate even for a moment and decided to spend a night there. Some of you may wonder if the constant roar of the water let us sleep – it wasn’t a problem at all. Camping here was really fantastic. The sound of the water lulled us into blissful sleep. Before we fell asleep, we prepared some camping food. The sky was almost cloudless, so we ate our dinner eagerly, waiting for the aurora show. It appeared as per our request. Unfortunately, the light show did not last too long. It had finished before we hurried to set up a tripod, so we don’t have any photos. But believe our words, it was an incredible spectacle.

Iceland is a paradise for all those who are crazy about waterfalls. Let's meet majestic Dynjandi – a real treasure of the Westfjords.

Practical info:

  • It takes about 20 minutes to go uphill and to get to the main waterfall.

  • UPTADE (07.2017): There is no campsite anymore. There was one until 2015, but now it’s not allowed to camp there. Help us protect fragile Icelandic nature and do not camp/overnight there.

Iceland is a paradise for all those who are crazy about waterfalls. Let's meet majestic Dynjandi – a real treasure of the Westfjords.
Iceland Map Dynjandi

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Comments (22)

You had me at “camping” at the waterfall! We love finding natural attractions that are less visited, and we prefer wild camping any day over campgrounds. Your photos are superb, as well.

What happened to the farm that used to be near there?

I remember commenting last week because of your awesome yellow jacket! Like before, Iceland is on my list for sure. It just seems over saturated at the moment with everyone wanting to go there! What are your thoughts? Have you seen an increase? Thanks 🙂 As always, the pictures are so amazing.

Your photos are absolutely breathtaking. It’s nice to hear that it was relatively quiet for you. With Iceland growing in popularity, I’ve been a little worried to head over there because I don’t really want to see it with a million other travelers. Any tips on when to go? And where aside from this lovely waterfall?

Only had 3 days in Iceland, but this waterfall alone will make me come back! Seljalandsfoss was my favorite until I learned about this one just now. Thanks for sharing! And if the camping stays free, I will definitely do that as well!

Seeing those pictures makes me cry! You can’t imagine how much I’d like to be there, but not with a yellow jacket, I prefer another color!
I see you’ve been there in September, which other months could be good to see the waterfall, maybe not frozen (if ever) nor too dry (if ever, again)?

I was just in Iceland at the end of September as well! Although, the farthest north we went was to Snaefellsnes so we did not make it to this majestic waterfall. Your pictures are making me wish we had. These are beautiful pictures. This sounds like a wonderful place in Iceland. When I go back someday, I will make it a priority to visit this waterfall!

Dynjandi waterfall looks so magical from your pictures. Is it still Summer in September since you mentioned that the camp site is open only during the summer. No pictures of the light show?

This place is truly stunning! A couple of years a Bolywood movie song was shot here and it took me a while to believe that the place was real 🙂

I would certainly love to visit the falls someday…

These pictures of Dynjandi waterfalls are absolutely stunning. The cascades and the backdrop look very surreal. Iceland has so many beautiful waterfalls we keep reading about them. If we ever make to Iceland these falls would definitely be on list. Thanks for sharing!

It is not like you decrease our will to one day visit our Nordic neighbor. Just wondering if we somehow could use their volcanos to push the country a bit closer to the rest of us. Iceland sure is famous for its waterfalls, hope to one day see them with my own eyes. 🙂

I would love to spend the night here as well, camping. I don’t think that the sounds of the waterfall would disturb my sleep but rather make it better. It’s nature after all. You photos are absolutely amazing, you were so close to the waterfall.

It looks like a dream. Probably the low light makes it all the more dreamy. BTW why is it so? Is it the natural light in September? It doesn’t get brighter than this?

Iceland never ceases to amaze me with it’s scenery. Dynjandi is like a work of art the way the water goes. I imagine that camping there would be an unforgettable experience and peaceful since there aren’t many people around.

I can’t get over your stunning photography. I went to Iceland for the first time last year and absolutely fell for the unique landscape. I didn’t have enough time to see the whole island so I focused on the South. I stopped counting the waterfalls after 24h, there were just so many of them, but this one definitely looks like an icon! The Westfjords are next on my list of places to see in Iceland, so I will be sure to include Dynjandi in my itinerary.

What a setting! Camping up there will be a challenge to me but the photo opportunity will get me going. Excellent captures with the waterfall in the BG>

Iceland is really a wonderland which houses so many natural treasures. This waterfall is one more gem from this wonderland. They look so spectacular and your pictures bring them alive.

Wow!!! I’m a sucker for waterfalls, and those are simply stunning. Definitely putting these on my Iceland bucket list. Great job with the photos, too bad you couldn’t get a shot of the light show though.

WOW! I am so completely blown away by these photos! They are so moody and amazing! Really well done!! I unfortunately did not make it to this area but I cant believe I missed out on seeing this! These photos are almost upsetting me thinking I could have gotten something similar.

Those are some really beautiful waterfalls and what makes them even more amazing are your captures. Well done! You have really frozen them in the moment.

Wow! I’m a really critical guy, but your pictures with the yellow jacket are just… wow! I love them!
Are you willing to tell me which yellow jacket you have? 🙂


Thank you Timo! When Marta bought this jacket a few years ago, we had no idea that yellow jackets would become so popular, especially in outdoor photography. I don’t know if it’s still available, it’s made by Skila.

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