In search of water – natural hot pots in the Westfjords

Check out the best natural hot pots in the Westfjords, Iceland | hot springs | thermal pools | natural spa | Birkimelur | Gvendarlaug | Hellulaug, Flokalundur | Reykjafjardarlaug

Birkimelur, Barðaströnd

Westfjords are one of the most spectacular regions in Iceland. When you are planning a visit to this amazing area, remember to bring your hiking boots and… a swimsuit.

True detective

In the Westfjords, a remote corner in northern Iceland, shrouded in mystery, a great surprise is waiting for you. During your trip not only will you have an opportunity to admire breathtaking landscapes, but also to have a bath in first-rate natural hot pots. What’s more, these hot pots have wonderful health properties. Both your body and soul will be really grateful. Oh gosh, it’s such a bath!

Without any doubt, it’s the best spa in the world. And it’s all natural. Just imagine deserted, fairy-like landscape. In the distance majestic fjord stands proudly, filled with flickering water, which surface stretches as far as the horizon. And you are sitting in a pleasantly warm pool admiring this tremendous view. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s a vision like from a dream, but it’s nothing uncommon in the Westfjords. There’s nothing more relaxing than ending a day full of adventures in a way like this. Some tourists even change their travel schedule to spend some more time soaking in the jolly water.

Check out the best natural hot pots in the Westfjords, Iceland | hot springs | thermal pools | natural spa | Hellulaug, Flokalundur

Hellulaug, Flókalundur

Some of the hot pots are situated near hotels or guesthouses, but most of them are located in the pure wilderness. You’ll be really surprised with some locations. Well, it goes without saying – finding them is an adventure in itself. In the Westfjords every bath enthusiast becomes a true detective, especially that some of the hot springs can be easily missed. You must keep your eyes wide open.

When you are planning to visit the Westfjords, check out the website, as it will be very helpful in your hot pot search. The authors have listed almost all hot pots and pools, which you can find in Iceland. Remember also to drop by to one of the tourist information centres and pick up a handy map (Westfjords. The Official Tourist Map), where many major thermal pools are marked.

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Check out the best natural hot pots in the Westfjords, Iceland | hot springs | thermal pools | natural spa | Hellulaug, Flokalundur

Hellulaug, Flókalundur

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Many hot pots look simply fabulous, as they perfectly fit in the surroundings. It’s all thanks to the natural materials used to build them. These are definitely our favourite ones. Other, which look like a traditional jacuzzi, are made of concrete and they are a bit less eye-pleasing, but we agree that they are almost equally extraordinary. Next to many hot springs you will find changing rooms, which can be closed after the season.

Every hot pot has got different temperature. Some of them are just perfect, but there are others which we had to leave after several minutes of bathing. They were so hot! Of course, it’s all matter of taste. Some hot pots were excellent for us, but other bathers regarded them as too cold.

All these pleasant and heavenly warm baths are available all year round. Nothing compares to sitting in them in the autumn or in the winter. It’s crazy cold outside, and when you jump into the warm water, it’s like entering a different world. Just remember that in the summer time there are lots of people who are also crazy about them, so it can get pretty crowded. If you want to relax just on your own or with 2-3 other people, choose the offseason for a visit.

Check out the best natural hot pots in the Westfjords, Iceland | hot springs | thermal pools | natural spa | Reykjafjardarlaug

Reykjafjarðarlaug, Bíldudalur

During our two-week journey in the Westfjords, we visited most of the thermal pools you can find there. We present you our choice of the best of the best. Your hot pot experience will be at its most sublime in the following ones:

  • Hellulaug, Flókalundur (GPS: 65°35′16.67″N 23°8′29.32″W)
    If we had to choose only one hot pot, we think it would be this one. Its location is just perfect, right by the ocean, hidden behind a crag like a hidden gem. When you sit there you can have an impression that you are drifting to some fairytale. It looks exactly like elves’ bath. The ocean view is not half bad (read: jaw-dropping). Just arrive there late in the evening, soak in the water and wait for the spectacle to begin – Northern Lights. Pure poetry!

  • Birkimelur, Barðaströnd (GPS: 65°31’10.4″N 23°24’21.5″W)
    Another fabulous hot spring located in amazing scenery by the fjord. There is a swimming pool next to the hot pot. Very close, on the other side of the road, you can find a modern fenced swimming pool. Don’t confuse them!

  • Gvendarlaug, by Hotel Laugarhóll (GPS: 65°46′53.98″N 21°34′5.60″W)
    This hot pot is located by Hotel Laugarhóll. It was the first hot spring which we encountered during our trip in the Westfjords, so we are especially fond of it. We arrived at Hotel Laugarhóll after the season, so almost no guests were there and we had the hot pot just for ourselves. It is believed that it has healing, magical powers. Its location is not as stunning as the other listed here, but come on, staying in a hotel which has its own natural hot pot – you can’t complain. Right next to it is a nice swimming pool and another hot spring, which dates back to medieval ages. Just imagine that the Vikings were bathing here. Because of its historical importance, it’s not allowed to bath in this one.

  • Reykjafjarðarlaug, close to Bíldudalur (GPS: 65°37’23.52″N 23°28’8.04″W)
    Here in the middle of nowhere, by the fjord, you can find three small hot pots, which are connected with each other like a cascade. The uppermost turned out to be too hot for us – the water has 45-46 degrees C, but the other two are really pleasant. There is a small swimming pool right next to the hot spring.

Check out the best natural hot pots in the Westfjords, Iceland | hot springs | thermal pools | natural spa | Gvendarlaug


Become a true detective, find your own favourite hot pot and soak in the warmth!

Comments (36)

Great tips and that you gave the coordinates.

Great post! These hot springs sounds amazing, enjoying nice landscapes sitting in a natural hot spring. Wow!

Thank you very much! 🙂

You have aroused the detective in me. On the trail of the Hotpots sounds pretty exciting, would need to head out there soon on this assignment! Elementary Dear Watson 🙂

So nice to hear it 🙂 !

Oh, this looks so amazing! What a cool nature SPA 🙂
Nadine Cathleen |

What an experience to head out in search of a hot pot! I love how Iceland is so diverse, and so natural, offering up moments of bliss in a pool of water. Hope to get here for myself someday and try them out!

You won’t be disappointed, Amy 🙂 !

I can’t imagine those being hot spots! I mean, not because of the lack of it, since Iceland is full of volcanoes, but because the landscape seems so arid and inhospitable that the idea of a hot bath in a natural SPA seems so strange! 😀

Your pictures are so amazing – the colors add some mystery and a feeling of eternity to the place! Ah, Iceland is breath-taking without a doubt, hope I can travel through the entire country myself once!

Thank you Anastasia, so glad that you like it 🙂 Definitely, you should visit Iceland!

It looks stunning – must be amazing to lie out in the cold outside but being toasty warm. Love your black and white images too. Very atmospheric!

Hi Emma, thank you for nice words! Oh yes, this is fantastic feeling 🙂

Local area seems too arid to have hot pots but, nature is nature! Many people told me MANY TIMES to get there, I mean in Iceland, and maybe I have been thinking for years! I say always the same sentence: One day I will go, one day I will go…
I wish it….

Hello David! Don’t hesitate, pack some warm stuff and go! Iceland is waiting for you 😉

A completely personal spa… sounds like a dream!
Unbelievable settings too! Thanks for the info on different pools there. This should help plan.

Great that you found our post interesting 🙂

This is great! Iceland is high on my list and I love hiking to hot springs. And, the natural setting and views are fantastic-great photos.

Awesome post! I love your black and white photos. When people talk about Iceland they only mention the blue lagoon they never mention these cool hot pots! Great tips about where to find them and what to expect. I also like how you gave readers the coordinates and temperatures of all the different hot pots. Great job!

Hi, Christina 😉 We are really pleased to hear that! Great that you found our post informative 😉

Thats sounds amazing but it must be very cold when you get out of the hot pots. Thanks for the coordinates those will come in handy since we plan on going to Iceland soon. We probably won’t see as many as you did cause I don’t think we will be there for 2 weeks.

It’s a bit cold, but it’s definitely worth it 😉 After one bath you are like a hot pot junkie so you don’t think about the low temperature 😉

This sounds like a dream. I didn’t know you could soak in there. Off late Indian travelers are waking upto the wonder that Iceland is. I am seeing an upward trend as more and more Indian travelers are choosing to go to Iceland.

You are true “hot pot hunters”. I like the idea of taking a dip in a pool of hot water, especially when it’s really cold outside. Must be such a special feeling!

It’s wonderful, we are addicted 😉 !

Looks really nice. 🙂
At what time did you visit? I can only guess that the weather conditions would be quite bad this time of the year. 🙂

Hi Jesper! We were there at the end of September. It was a bit cold, but water was so pleasant, that we didn’t mind 😉

I always enjoy such natural wonders. It is also great to find blogs that have professional photographs. I must express my admiration for theseclassy B&W photographs!

So nice to hear it! 😉 Thank you!

Your black and white pictures are simply stunning! <3 <3 Really, just gorgeous. I love the timelessness to black and whites, I feel like it just gives the subject this mysterious, sort of distant and glamorous sheen…Anyway, lovely pics and really nice, informative post! Great job!

Tasha, thank you very much! Great that you like it! 🙂

Holy cow! Great pictures! I’m currently living in Japan and they call these hot spring pools, Onsen. Going to the onsen is a whole experience but now more and more are popping up indoors with pipes bringing in the natural waters. We too were on the hunt for some amazing ones that you can find “in the wild” on our trip this summer. I can relate to using your navigation skills to find these hidden gems. Beautiful post and information.

Hello Ashley! Thank you for kind words 🙂 ! We would love to visit Japan and take a bath in onsen 🙂

I’m all about natural spas! These hot spots look fantastic…I love the idea of just sort of discovering an unexpected surprise spot that comes with an incredible view. I’d have to get past the mental hurdle of getting into the water while it’s cold…I’m sure it feels wonderful when you’re inside, but the second you step out, it’s going to be so cold! How do you stay warm? Or do you just accept the cold as part of the deal?

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