Icelandic Sheep Gang


  • author: Adam Biernat, award-winning photographer, who works for the best Icelandic magazines
  • hand-signed by the artist
  • Grettislaug, Iceland, 2018
  • museum quality fine art print (giclée print)
  • archival matt paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag (308 gsm)
  • lifetime warranty against fading (100+ years)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • unframed and unmated
  • with white margin/border
Animal print of a charming Icelandic sheep family, printed on archival quality fine art paper. This sheep print is available in three sizes: 100x70, 50x70 and 30x40 (cm).
In the summer, you can meet sheep in Iceland at every turn. When the winter is gone, all the sheep leave their farms. There are not many predators on the island that could make life difficult for sheep, so the farmers don’t have to worry about it.
For the first few days, the sheep get used to the newly acquired freedom and walk around in the fields next to their farm. Each day, however, they gain more and more courage and soon begin to march through the surrounding mountains and meadows. Their summer adventure begins, far away from their cozy farm and familiar plot.

We met this cute sheep family on our way back from the hot springs Grettislaug, which are located near the town of Sauðárkrókur. The weather wasn’t spoiling us then. It was blowing like hell, and icy drizzle was dripping from the sky.
The bath itself was wonderful, but jumping out of the hot water, and then running to the changing room, when the temperature was around 2-3 °C was not the easiest one. Before taking the bath, we spent a few hours photographing outdoors. Despite splashing in the hot water, we were still cold on the bone. We promised ourselves that we would drive straight home without any stops.
But when these delightful animals appeared in the middle of the road, we could not help but get the camera out again. Sheep did not think to give way to anyone on the road, and they were just strolling in the middle of the road, occasionally taking a break and posing. As you can see, they felt very comfortable in front of the camera.

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Portrait of Adam Biernat, photographer
Hi! My name is Adam Biernat. I am a Polish photographer fascinated by the far North. I studied architecture and history of art.
I have lived for over two years in Iceland and a year in Norwegian Lapland, in a tiny village almost 500 km north of the Arctic Circle. Right now I am based in Poland but I travel to the northern regions a few times a year. I especially love to take pictures when most people put their cameras in their bags –  when it’s rainy and foggy.
My artworks are regularly exhibited in art galleries. I am a finalist of art and photography contests: Prix de la Photographie Paris, Debuts, and Pomeranian Art Triennale among others. You can also find my photographs in magazines, f. ex. Icelandic ‘Fæða/Food’ and ‘Í boði náttúrunnar’.
More info about me and portfolio:

Archival paper

We control every step of creating the print to make sure that it meets the highest quality standards. We know how important are all, even the tiniest details. For creating the prints we use quality fine art matt paper – Ilford Fine Art Smooth (200 gsm). It is acid-free archival cellulose paper with a smooth, warm tone surface. Photographs printed on this paper come out perfectly sharp with excellent details and natural colours.

Archival inks

We use one of the best archival inks available on the market – Epson UltraChrome® HDR. These inks in combination with our chosen paper guarantee outstanding colour reproduction, smooth gradations and fantastic details both in the shadows and in the lights.

Display permanence

This print meets high archival standards and it will not start to fade or change its colours for many decades. Remember to use only acid-free materials when mounting and framing the print. And handle the print with care, as fine art paper is vulnerable to scratches.
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