Wild water – catch a drop of Skógafoss!

Skogafoss waterfall at dusk, Iceland

Iceland is a kingdom of many extraordinary things and for sure it’s a land of waterfalls. You will be really surprised because there are thousands of them almost everywhere! When you take a look at Iceland’s map, you will notice that a word foss appears very often there. And it means exactly waterfall.

Icelandic waterfalls are really diverse, with different sizes and forms, so you can’t get bored with them. You can come across some tiny ones with a delicate and beautiful streamer of water. There are a lot of bigger ones, hidden somewhere among the hills. And there are ones which simply leave you speechless – extremely high or super wide. These sound like a starting plane.

Skogafoss waterfall rainbow

Today we will introduce you with Skógafoss – one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland! Skógafoss is a waterfall on the Skógá river in the southern part of the country. Skógur means forest in Icelandic, so Skógafoss is a forest waterfall, but don’t expect to find any forest there. It might sound strange but there are almost no forests in Iceland.

Skógafoss owes its fame to its width (25 m) and height (60 m), and its unbelievable charm. You can definitely find waterfalls which are bigger, louder and more powerful, but the beauty of this one won’t leave you indifferent.

Flower, Iceland

You can admire this waterfall from two different points – from the below and the above. You can come very close and stand face to face with this enormous power of nature. It really makes an impression. You can also climb the stairs next to the waterfall and have a look from the above. Due to the amount of mist the waterfall consistently produces, a single or even a double rainbow is usually visible on sunny days. Just wonderful!

Let’s stay in Iceland for a while. We want to share with you our recent Icelandic music discovery. The artist is called Óbó, and the song Rétt Eða Rangt? (Right or wrong?). Charming, isn’t it? How do you like it?


Bite of tips:

  • Skógafoss is situated just 2 km from the Ring Road, in a village called Skógar.

  • You can spend a night just a few steps from the waterfall. You can choose among a hotel, hostel and a camping. So there’s something for everyone’s needs. There’s no shop in the village, so unless you plan to eat in the hotel’s restaurant, bring your own food.

  • We definitely recommend to see the waterfall in the evening light. It looks magnificent.

  • Right next to the waterfall you can find a starting point of a 22 km long hiking trail to Thórsmörk across Fimmvörðuháls. It’s definitely one of the most scenic trails in Iceland, but be patient – we’ll take you there another time.


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